Tutorial support

Tutorial support


Learners need some support when working with e-learning technologies so they do not "get stuck" and become demotivated


  • Often learners do not get training in using new tools but are just expected to use it following some instructions
  • Even if they do receive specific training, many little problems may occur along the way, that - if not solved - may stop the learning process (a simple problem like using lower instead of upper case letters may prevent the learner from continuing)
  • If something does not work, the student cannot complete the assignment in a given time frame
  • Dealing with technical issues can be stressful and demotivating
  • Students may develop a negative attitude towards the course


University, further education


  • Provide detailed training on how to use different features of the new tool
  • Establish an FAQ database of commonly occurring issues
  • Encourage peer support via a forum
  • Set up learner tandems which can provide moral as well as technical support
  • Encourage students to contact the instructor in case of problems
  • In the absence of support, instructors need to be more lenient when assignments are not handed in on time


  • Overall support infrastructure
  • Prior knowledge of the students
  • Complexity of the tools


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