Time for Content Creation

Time for Content Creation


Time and effort required for content creation is generally underestimated


  • An LMS is installed. Where does the content come from?
  • Commercial content often does not match the requirements of the specific course and may not fit with the style of the trainer
  • Trainers are asked to create their own content
  • However this takes time and effort, especially to maintain and update


University, further education


  • Organise a content creation workshop, where participants learn to use the tools and learn about rules and tips regarding the creation of content
  • Encourage pooling of content between authors (everybody contributes something and can use the other modules)
  • Use simple authoring tools, which are not much more complex than the word processing programs the authors are already familiar with
  • Learners create content as part of the course, which can then be edited and elaborated by the instructor
  • Use and repurpose free content (OER or Wikiversity)


  • Degree of collaboration between colleagues
  • Usability of the authoring tool
  • The didactical concept of the course


  • Having learners create course content is an effective learning method!

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