Technical and educational understanding

Technical and educational understanding


Decision makers do not know enough about the technological and innovative pedagogical possibilities, which slows down the implementation of Blended Learning.


  • Often some educators are early adopters of innovative pedagogies within an institution. They need support from the people at the management level and have to convince them.
  • The management level does not recognize the possibilities of Blended Learning and important decisions are not taken (e.g. investment in infrastructure, development of a strategy and business plan etc).
  • Furthermore it is difficult to convince them in a meeting


  • Business, university, further education,


  • If you are a trainer:
    • Organize a demonstration and invite the decision makers.
    • Collect the responses of your participants and send them to the decision makers
  • If you are a decision maker:
    • Visit a conference about E-Learning or Blended Learning (EDEN, ICL, Online Educa, Didacta) and inform yourself.
    • Join a social network like LinkedIn or Eduspaces and ask the members about the possibilities.


  • Appreciation of teaching
  • Financing
  • Limited BL Strategy
  • ROI


  • Support the early adopters within your organisation. They are the best promoters of your institution.