Sceptical towards new forms of learning

Sceptical towards new forms of learning


Especially participants are sceptical towards new forms of learning. They are often used to be passive with traditional learning


  • Technological and more collaborative learning are challenges for traditional learners. Searching for solutions on the web, working together within a wiki, or reflecting on their own learning process in a blog can be is something new for a lot of learners
  • Learners also often do not want to admit knowledge and skill gaps regarding modern learning technologies (browsing the web, searching, uploading data, learning wiki syntax etc.)
  • More informal ways of learning are often not accepted - like group work, co-writing text in GoogleDocs or working on a common project.


Further education


  • Use easy to use online tools and software
  • Encourage educators to be very familiar with new tools
  • Create a survey for learners to get feedback and suggestions for better learning.
  • Trainers should try to integrate online and f2f learning (e.g. learning with online tools within f2f seminars).



  • Integrated Blended Learning is a good way to implement Blended Learning for "newcomers".