Regulation of learning time

Regulation of learning time


Employees should use E-Learning or Blended Learning for their further training, but they do not have time to learn.


Online learning as a part of Blended Learning or E-Learning should support the employees in their flexibility to learn. But they do not have time to learn within their working time. Often they learn at home and are frustrated, because they are not compensated for it


Business, Further education


  • Define a fixed time for learning (like 2 hours a week).
  • Set up a separate room for learning (e.g. with some computers), because it is often impossible to learn at the work place.
  • Make sure that the learning portions are not too long (e.g. 30 min each).


  • Lack of learner participation
  • Instructor Competence


  • Are you able to learn at your work place? What would you need to have a suitable learning environment?