Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection


In some settings learner data cannot be collected and tracked thus limiting the application of blended learning tools and methods


  • A common feature of learning platforms is to track progress and collect test results of learners
  • In some business settings this goes against privacy protection regulations
  • The instructor therefore cannot assess the learner in this way
  • When there is no accountability for task completion or control of learning progress, learners may not take the learning serious
  • The non-face-to-face components of blended learning thus have an optional character because they cannot be enforced
  • This may make it difficult to conduct blended learning




  • The importance of the completion of tasks and tests has to be conveyed to the participants
  • In the absence of instructor control, learning contracts can be drafted where learners document their commitment to complete certain tasks
  • It should be assured that learners have sufficient time to complete the tasks


  • Motivation of learners
  • Learning time available


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