Outdated technology

Outdated technology


Learners have insufficient technical equipment


  • Out-dated technology (old computer equipment, older operating systems) can lead to conflicts with e-learning tools
  • No or limited computer access may prevent learners from participating in BL seminars
  • Administration of BL seminars is difficult when learners have different technological standards
  • Learner may not have required software
  • Limited connectivity, e.g., slow connection speed
  • As a result,
    • learners may be frustrated
    • time for learning is lost
    • learning objectives may not be achieved
    • learners may drop out of the course


Business, university, further education


  • Provide sufficient computer access for learners
  • Check the technical equipments of the learners, provide missing components, provide support with installation
  • Use tools and learning platforms which are compatible with common operating systems
  • Use commonly used software


  • Technical infrastructure of the learning platform
  • Type of tasks (collaboration is difficult when users have different technological standards, individual work is less problematic


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