No learning time

No learning time


Learner do not have sufficient time for learning


  • The workload is often underestimated by the learners - is there really too little time?
  • Sometimes learners do not have uninterrupted learning time at their place of work
  • Employees are expected to study in their free time
  • There is no monetary or other compensation for learning time spent during non-working hours
  • As a result there is a danger that the blended learning seminar is not fully completed or that participants drop out


  • Business, university, further education


  • Instructors should provide realistic time estimates and clear instructions for the completion of tasks
  • Learners should create time windows for studying and working on their assignments
  • Instructors should watch out for not creating a very high workload
  • Learning contracts can provide transparency regarding instructor expectations and learner commitments


  • Didactical organisation of the learning material
  • Changed understanding of teaching, instructor is also a learner
  • Technical problems with the learning platform or other tools
  • The perceived importance of the blended learning seminar
  • The experience of the instructor in conducting blended learning seminars


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