No acceptance management

No acceptance management


There is no acceptance management for trainers in an institution. They try to persist in their traditional teaching and do not want to change anything.


  • The implementation of Blended Learning takes time and requires fundamental changes from the trainers: more technological knowledge, new methodologies, other working times etc.
  • Even if the management level and some early adopters are convinced by Blended Learning - most trainers resist. Especially after top-down decisions
  • As a result, content is not being produced, there are complaints about the technology, early adopters are excluded, trainers use the new technology on the surface, but in fact they use the same methodology


Business, university, further education


  • Changes need time. Decision makers must support the trainers. They should start by supporting early adopters with a pilot project. They, in turn, will convince other trainers step by step
  • Workshops and trainer trainings should be offered and not just focus on technology - also the methodology is very important
  • Decision makers should have individual meetings with their trainers and listen to them
  • It is important to have a Blended Learning strategy and to recognize instructor effort.


  • Freelance instructors
  • Focus on technology
  • Employment law regulations
  • Recognition of instructor effort


  • Acceptance management is the most important job for the implementation of Blended Learning