Limited BL Strategy

Limited BL Strategy


Initiatives for working with e-learning/blended learning tools and methods often arise bottom-up based on the preferences of different individuals. The lack of an overall strategy may lead to heterogeneous and incompatible solutions


  • In organisations where there is no overall blended learning strategy, individuals often start experimenting with different tools and methods
  • Sometimes different solutions are developed in different units of the organisation.
  • This may render cooperation difficult
  • To create an outcome (a product, a training course), different versions may have to be created for different technologies
  • While diversity can be educational and enriching, it may also lead to confusion and compatibility problems


Business, university, further education


  • All stakeholders meet and put their requirements and ideas forward
  • This can be done more or less formally (needs analysis, round table discussion)
  • The benefits of having an overall or integrative solution versus independent initiatives is discussed with regard to overall financial cost
  • The cost and extra effort of having to interface with different technologies should also be considered
  • The decisions should be made with the input of those who will be using the technologies
  • If the technical and didactical knowledge of the stakeholders is not adequate for making an informed decision, it is recommended that the process is facilitated by an expert (external or internal)


  • Need for coordination between organisational units (e.g., university or business departments)
  • Amount of prior knowledge of the stakeholders
  • Availability of an expert


Keywords (Tags)

strategy, compatibility, heterogeneity