Learning culture

Learning culture


All stakeholders within further education institutions are used to traditional face-to-face teaching and learning. Therefore, new methodologies are not always welcome and accepted.


  • Decision makers do not see the benefit of Blended Learning. They can not create visions of future learning, because they just know traditional learning.
  • Educators persist in their traditional teaching. Changes imply more work, other working times and insecurity.
  • Learners are used to listen and mostly be passive.


Further education


  • Inform yourself about the chances of Blended Learning (conferences etc.)
  • Take into account, that fundamental changes need time and a good acceptance management.
  • Organize trainer trainings - for new methodologies, collaborative and online learning.


  • Instructor Competence
  • Integration of methods
  • Lack of learner participation
  • Limited BL Strategy
  • Methodological skills
  • No acceptance management


  • Also external advisors can help to create a vision of Blended Learning in your institution.