Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights


Protection of Intellectual Property Rights of instructors/trainers


  • Many instructors wonder what will happen with the content they have created and published online, e.g. in an LMS
  • Will other instructors use their courses?
  • Will course participants pass on the content to others?


University, further education


  • The legal situation has to be clarified beforehand
  • There are several possibilities:
    • Content is copyrighted and can not be used by others
    • Reuse is limited to a certain group of users (other instructors who have agreed to share content)
    • Use of Creative Commons: Content can be reused - however the author has to be notified about changes (e.g., Wikiversity)
    • Financial compensation: the instructor gets a certain percentage of the instructor fee if the content is used by another instructor
    • Selling course material: The instructor sells the use of the content for a licensing fee.
    • The content is free to be used by anyone
  • The chosen has method has to be documented contractually


  • Does E-Learning or Blended Learning replace the instructor or a large part of the teaching load?


  • The concerns of the instructors on this topic should not be underestimated
  • It is important that all concernes are heard and considered when developping a concept for how to deal with intellectual property rights

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