Integration of methods

Integration of methods


Instructors do not know how to integrate online and face-to-face learning methods and tools


  • Instructors conduct face-to-face classes as before
  • They consider online learning only as a mode of presentation for the remote learning phase
  • Learning activities are sometimes more determined by what is possible to do from a technical point of view rather than what makes sense from a didactical point of view (use features, because they exist, even if the learning purpose has not been clearly defined)
  • Learning activities are given in isolation, they are often not coordinated
  • Sometimes learners are de-motivated


Business, university, further education


  • Online learning activities can be integrated in face-to-face learning sessions
  • This has the advantage that they can be demonstrated and practiced before learners start remote learning
  • The didactical purpose of an activity should be made transparent
  • Activities should be coordinated in a didactically/methodically meaningful way
  • Instructors should see best practice examples of how this can be accomplished


  • ICT competencies of the instructors
  • General and subject-matter specific didactical competencies


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