Instructor Competence

Instructor Competence


Instructors often lack technical skills for the use of ICT


  • Instructors have too little experience with computers and the internet (for example creating content online, editing graphical material, doing internet searches, conducting webconferences, etc.)
  • Sometimes they do not want to admit that they lack the skills or the patience to learn


Business, university, further education


  • Trainings for instructors with a solution-oriented approach, starting with the didactical goal, including the use of technology in the training
  • Build tandems (so instructors can support each other)


  • The objective and purpose of e-Learning and Blended Learning must be clear
  • The educational institution should have a BL and e-Learning Strategy
  • Time spent with students online and for course creation and maintenance should be accounted and paid for
  • Good and innovative teaching should be recognized
  • Instructors need to be trained in using new methods and tools


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