Focus on technology

Focus on technology


Instructor trainings focus on technical aspects of e-learning tools and do not address pedagogical/methodological possibilities arising from the use of this technology


  • Trainings regarding the use e-learning technology often focus on the technical possibilities of the tools
  • Teaching/learning concepts derived from using that technology are often not addressed
  • No difference is made regarding the teaching/learning approach during face-to-face and remote learning
  • As a result, instructors do not know how best to utilize the provided technology
  • So the application of the technology is often reduced to serving as a new vehicle for the same old teaching approaches (e.g., using an LMS only to distribute reading materials)




  • Include people with didactical know-how when choosing instructors for presenting new technology
  • Train the technical support personnel with regard to the application of this technology in given teaching/learning contexts
  • Present best practice examples
  • Early adopters try things out and show others what works, why and how
  • Provide introductory face-to-face courses where new technologies and their possibilities can be experienced and discussed by the instructors


  • Budget of the project
  • Prior knowledge of instructors
  • Applied knowledge and skills of technical support personnel


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