BLR Info

Information on Blended Learning Readiness

On this overview page you find links to information about the development and the content of the Blended Learning Readiness Model.

1. Introduction

Blended Learning has been found to be a viable and effective approach to deliver high-quality, up-to-date, on-demand learning solutions in the face of diminishing education budgets in higher education, further education or business education...[ more ]

2. BLR Survey

This is the survey we used in our research on Blended Learning Readiness. Please visit also the page "survey results"...[ more ]

3. Survey results

A survey was conducted in 2009 in order to ask participants in different countries about their experiences and expectations regarding Blended Learning. We were looking to identify common practices, stumbling stones and success factors...[ more ]

4. BLR Framework

In our reseach on Blended Learning Readiness we created a BLR Framework, that was used to prepare the interviews, the survey and the BLR wiki...[ more ]

5. Integrated Blended Learning

Practice what you preach. It is important that instructors use the methods that they want students to work with during teaching or when interacting with each other...[ more ]

6. Your Feedback

Please report us ideas, comments and your general feedback...[ more ]